Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The purpose of this release is to collect together my tunes that never were released on any albums or never were released in the first place. In other words, they are loose songs that you might have heard in such sites as or the now buried NESTROYER myspace.

Most of the songs won't be having the same names as they had when they were originally released. This is because I don't have the old mp3 renders anymore and the raw project files don't have song name information. You can now consider these titles as the official ones.

This release also features Lost Tunes X wich includes never heard
before remixes of my chiptune songs, pre-nestroyer faux-chiptunes-of-kind and other creations. These songs have been laying around my HD heard by few but now hopefully some.

I also included the Kitties bonus, including two adlib creations.

1. Opening Lost Tunes
2. Tissit (L-Bonus)
3. Impossible To Find
4. Destination Known
5. Skipping Record
6. Smasha!
7. Forget me
8. Limbo
9. Goodbye Chiptune
10. Humppa
11. Overpopulation
12. Fruitbomb
13. Urban Chaos Twist
14. Native Technology
15. Tunderclap
16. Turn Down Volume Little Bit
17. A Faithful Heart Makes Wishes Come True
18. Falling Fast
19. Electro Vortex Funk
20. Tunes Found Again

1. Deus Ex
2. Message
3. Night Surf
4. Night Walk
5. Hectoskeletor
6. Tissit (Smoothie 2010)
7. Werewolf, feature Of The Night (Lakritzstix)
8. Hilipatihippa
9. Variant
10. Thee Rider
11. Maksullinen Puhelin
12. Wobbling Stoner Elephant

1. Big Cats
2. Little Kittens

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